Jonathan Lanigan & Tom Wurth Southern Cross Energy LLC Scam Fraud Liars

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Southern Cross Energy LLC of 6742 Forest Hill Blvd # 146 West Palm Beach, FL 33413 are frauds and liars. They will lie and circumvent their way through every transaction they are part of. BEWARE of these individuals. On their website they claim to be buyers and sellers in the Fuel Business of D2, D6, ULSD, JP54, etc... They have nothing to do with buying or selling fuel. They are simply part of groups of other brokers and "daisy chains." Do not trust these two individuals. They will waste your time, and in the end, circumvent you or worse.

They also claim to be in the construction business and Airport Redesign business, and finance. The reality is they have no money, and they are simply the worst of the worst BROKERS! Their website is or

They should be blacklisted and reported to the authorities.

Review about: Deceitful Services.



This posting was recently brought to my attention.I am surprised that anyone would write such an article regarding Southern Cross Energy, Jonathan or me.

Our actions are transparent and can be verified. I invite any responsible party, or their legal representative, looking for clarification to contact us or our attorney directly. I also open the door for dialogue with the author of this posting.

Step up, identify yourself, and let's discuss why you felt the need to attempt assassinating our reputation.Tom Wurth - (561) 727-9295 Direct.


Southern Cross Energy is an excellent company and whoever wrote these comments is wrong and has not done business with them. It seems cowardly not to sign off their name and attack such a fine company as Southern Cross who has an excellent reputation, integrity and credibility.

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